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From hands-free shoes to TikTok neighbour-shaming: this week’s fashion trends

Going up

The dark ages If medieval “wine windows” were the mood of 2020, then Celine’s chainmail collars and teen knights are 2021’s response.

Hands-free shoes Nike launches a slip-on shoe to rival the Birkenstock clog, the Croc, and even the Marni mule.

Dewy Dudes Boys in sheet masks chatting skincare routines and lip balm on a podcast – what is not to love?

Fungi-fashion Whether you’re growing them (North Spore’s kits are selling out) or wearing them (see Alexa Chung’s new jumper), it’s the new gardening fix.

Snoods Back! Not the 19th-century hairpiece, or the thing that Gianluigi Buffon wore on the pitch, but the Nike neck warmer.

Going down

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Neighbour‑shaming TikTok’s trend for shaming loud neighbours and crying babies. Where’s the camaraderie, Gen Z?

Instagram’s tucking-hair-behind-ear thing Spectacularly irritating. Could be the straw that breaks a very grumpy camel’s back. You have been warned.

Berlin hipsters Kreuzberg’s cool cats are nicely skewered in Lauren Oyler’s new book, Fake Accounts.

Howards End Instead, try The End Of Eddy, Édouard Louis’ coming-out memoir, adapted by James Ivory (of Howards fame).

Ultra-recipes The latest anti-boredom pastime? Grossout cooking videos on ChefClub. Lettuce stuffed with burger meat, anyone?


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