Company profile

Operated by Beijing 7890 Information Technology Co., Ltd which is dedicated to adopt data algorithm to optimize information resources and established in December 2014. The 7890 company has completed a new angel investment, of which the leaders consist of some big teams gifted with foresight and sagacity, while the parts are the president of the listed company, the famous individuals as well as the chairman of the board of the enterprise.

Product Profile

COOLOOK is the mobile application, the current main research project in product line, which focuses on global hot news and integrates accurate news to mobile clients. This is the accurately recommended and distribution platform that gathers the global information by cooperation with the traditional news media and self-media.

Authorized by more than 7,000 international media resources to assess, COOLOOK covers more than 200 countries, of which the client is the support of nearly 80 languages. Coolook has designed multilingual content search engine, tag identification search engine, user portrait engine and the recommendation engine by using positioning technology and larger data processing techniques for its own product features, which can process massive global content and data in real time, and recommend to the users according to their preferences.