Operation Interns

Job location:
Chaoyang District - Beijing
Job responsibilities:
1. Assisting in operating COOLOOK app or company's other products and app testing.
2.Familiar with using COOLOOK app and to evaluate quality and quantity of the local news we posted;
3. Writing or translating operation copywriting and event planning;
4.Regularly report for monitoring and analyzing for competitive products;
5. To monitor and evaluate effects of Push-News, then to put forward constructive suggestions for product improvement and promotion.
1.Ability to use your native language fluently: Indonesian/Russian/Spanish/Portuguese; Excellent in English speaking and writing skills;
2.Knowledge of computers and phones as needed for office work, including knowledge of Microsoft Office;
3.Strong innovation consciousness and good interpersonal communication ability etc.
Resume delivery mode:
If you're interested, please email us at coolooktop@gmail.com.